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AWARDWINNING! According to the publicjury of a Dutch literarairy prize The Night the Stars Danced can measure itself with the globally renowned Celestine Prophecy!

The story takes you back in time to 1145, the early Middle Ages, Occitania, now the south of France, the Cathars; a society where people believed in the truth.

A wonderful, inspiring and captivating journey to a Heaven on Earth.

The book connects with people on a deeper level, challenging different parts of society and inviting us to look for the solutions that are in front of us already, inspiring to think different.

The Night the Stars Danced is unique, readers value the book with 4-5 stars! Some readers say The Night the Stars Danced  is the best book they have read up to now!

Want a taste? Excerpts give an impression, only by reading, discovering the book, you will understand the enthusiasm of other readers.

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The Storyline:

It is early autumn, a climate symposium is being held in a renovated medieval castle in Southern France. A Dutch scientist, Paul Janssen, and his female collegue, Esther v.d. Laan, are present. Paul decides to get some fresh air. When he gets outside, a warm, beautiful starlit night welcomes him. Paul goes for a stroll through the dark, unlit garden. There, in the garden, the story starts when Paul meets Jean, a garden architect who tells Paul that he has renovated the garden. Jean asks whether Paul is interested in doing a small experiment…

That experiment will change Pauls’ life forever… 

Contributing to a better world!

If The Night the Stars Danced becomes an international bestseller, the insights will spread ánd 80% of the profit will be donated towards the Vipassana Project. A project that aims to create a Heaven on Earth! Inspiring the world to think different!

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