This book shows another way! It bears witness to a large portion of thought. The Night that the Stars Danced can compete with the Celestine Prophecy!


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This book was read in 2 days and I was completely surprised. What a beautiful book and what an even better ending! My compliments to the writer. I’m waiting for a lot more work from this top author!


I’m not really a novelist, but your book is just wonderful. I just couldn’t stop reading! I was looking for hundreds of excuses to continue reading. I read it in two days, wonderful. I didn’t feel like I was reading a book, I felt like I was experiencing a part of my life in a different time and space. I laughed, weeped, felt itchy, had flashbacks….. Thank you for writing down all this beauty and wanting to share it in a selfless way. That Light and Love may continue to flow through, through all times loving Patricia.

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The night that the stars danced, a title comes to life while reading. As by chance I ended up on this website where I read about the book. My curiosity drove me to order the book. I let myself get carried away in the book and was surprised by curiosity and honesty. Through adventure, passion and perseverance. At first sight, the story may seem unrealistic and bizarre. But for those who really believe in higher abilities, it can be a key. The book gives hope to anyone who feels their flame of light burning. The book gives me a feeling of recognition and trust, an absolute must for everyone who is looking for peace, for everyone who believes that everyone is a spark of God. I thank you Chantal, for the beautiful book, for the honesty of your feelings, it touches me deeply and gives me confidence to believe in myself and in others.

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The night the stars danced is a novel that takes you on a journey into the past and into a time when people respected each other. Through the compact, visual and pleasant way of writing, you fly through the book. It takes you to a world where people loved each other without conditions, it touches on all kinds of life themes and gives you insight, some people looking for their truth, others already live their truth, but above all it gives you a feeling that life is worth living if you know how to open your heart, a fantastic book and unique of its kind, LiefsVincent

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I finished the book and really enjoyed it. The speed was really good and the story is as if I was there myself. I can fully imagine such things, even if it seems very confusing to me, should this really happen. While I think it just happens all day long, that other parts of yourself hook up, your thought patterns etc etc.So I have enjoyed…but..what is that secret hahahaha and I am also even more curious about the storyline of the ring of AtlantisDus you have enough reading food to continue, seems to me so:-) Love Ellen


I have read your book with great pleasure and attention. I have also experienced that many themes and topics are addressed that may well get attention in a loving, pure way. I really hope that this book may be the first of many in which the storyline may grow. I’m very curious about what’s going to happen, I wish you good luck with the sale of it, Liefs van Tineke.


I enjoyed your book, besides the fact that it is fun and beautiful to read, I also love how you have brought together certain knowledge and have ‘explained’ why certain people do not feel at home in this body or life, a must to read and actually I hope for a sequel …. Knuff of me and good luck with this’ child ‘yours!


Together with a good friend Paul visits an old castle in the South of France, where a symposium on the climate is held. In the beautiful castle garden he gets a vision. He makes contact with a woman from a distant past. Chantah, who turns out to be his soul mate, invites Paul to go back in time, to the year 1145. A time when “the dissidents” lived in harmony with each other and loved each other without jealousy. A time in which you could be yourself without fear and restraint. Paul opens himself up and gets to know this world. While he himself and the people around him notice how he changes, he experiences this world more and more intensely and goes in search of the Truth. I would describe The Night that the Stars Danced as pure. As you read it you feel that it is written with love and dedication. The underlying message is very nicely incorporated in the book. Because of the smooth writing style it is also very easy to read. It is a beautiful book and I enjoyed reading it. Still, the enormous enthusiasm of other readers did not come to me. Because the book is so much applauded in the reviews I have read so far, I had very high expectations. I see this as a somewhat spiritually tinted book and therefore, especially in the beginning perhaps had some difficulty to let myself be taken along in the story. A little later I could surrender more easily to it. All in all I think The Night that the Stars Danced is a good book and certainly worth reading. Chantal, I want to thank you for giving me this opportunity.


Ik, Robin heeft zijn lieve soulmate daisy ontmoet en zij heeft mijn ziel gelezen en mij dit boek gegeven. Ik zei haar wel dat ik bijna niet lees omdat ik dislectiesch ben en dus erg gauw de draad van een tekst kwijt ben.
Toen ik maar net begon in het herhaal werd ik er echt ingezogen en kon mezelf niet meer tegen houden, ik werd geboeid en hield het verhaal vast! Heerlijk gevoel.
Er was ook zoveel herkenning(en gevoel. Het moment van waar het communiceren met gevoel plaats vond wist ik wie ik was. Ik ben een gevoelsmens, maar al lezende ging ik steeds verder open staan. Ik herkende gevoels golven, het oogkontakt welke toegang geeft tot de ziel, dat praten met elkaar eigenlijk alleen een aanvulling is op het gevoel. De goddelijkheid beleven is echt een intens gevoel dat zo mooi is.
Ik herkende ook mijn soulmate. Heel dubbel want mijn soulmate is Daisy en in het boek werd ze Beatrice.
Door de vele herkenningspunten die ik bij mezelf vind werd ik 1 met Shantha en keek door haar ogen naar Beatrice.
Het is een heerlijk verhaal die mij een warm en goed gevoel geeft.
Het laat duidelijk zien wat wij op dit moment als mensen,in het algemeen, op deze wereld missen.
Namelijk gevoel naar elkaar toe.
dank mooie verhaal dat eigenlijk iedereen moet lezen xxx Robin


I was able to borrow your book from my daughter Natascha, and I thought it was fantastic. I wish you a lot of success and hope there will be many more people who will share my opinion because I am already waiting for a sequel!

Linda Crols

I have received your book from Peter Willemen, a friend of yours and a very old friend of mine, and it is wonderful to read and experience, recognition there is more between heaven and earth that is also my experience.

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