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The night the stars danced, a title that comes to life while reading.

As if by chance, I came across this website where I read about the book. My curiosity drove me to order the book. A great decision as it turns out!
I let myself drift into the book and was surprised by curiosity and honesty. By adventure, passion and perseverance. At first glance, the story may seem a bit unrealistic and bizarre. But for those who truly believe in higher powers, it can be a key.
The book gives hope to anyone who feels their flame of light burning. For myself, the book gives a sense of recognition and confidence.

Highly recommended for anyone seeking peace, for anyone who believes that everyone is a spark of god.

Thank you Chantal, for the beautiful book, for the honesty of your feelings, it touches me deeply and gives me confidence to believe in myself and others.

Warm greetings,


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