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‘The Night the Stars Danced’.


“This book rivals the ‘Celestine prophecy'”

Audience jury Golden Seagull Literature Prize

‘The Night the Stars Danced’ is an extraordinary and highly engaging novel that takes you to a world where people think differently. Do you discover the ideal world? The story inspires and enriches.

‘The Night that the Stars Danced’ is rated 9+ by readers.


October 2005. A climate conference is being organised in a modernised medieval castle in southern France. Dutch plant physiologist Paul Janssen attends; he decides to get some air outside. Night has fallen, a beautiful starry sky welcomes him. There, in that garden, the story begins; in a vision, Paul gets in touch with a soul mate who lived there in the 12th century. Paul lets go of his thoughts and joins her, back to Occitania, 1145. Through her eyes, he discovers the world of the ‘dissenters’. A world so beautiful and so different from ours!

Some 700 years ago, nearly a million ‘dissenters’ were burned at the stake by the Inquisition and their marks carefully erased. Because their pure, pure vision and taboo-breaking lifestyle did not match that of Catholicism.

Following his vision, Paul embarks on a quest for the truth, which eventually leads him to The Night the Stars Danced.

The book is an award-winning page-turner.

“‘The Night that the Stars Danced’ is surprising and original. It moves, but at the same time features a well-dosed dose of humour. The author manages to bring her characters to life in a sophisticated way. Moreover, Shantah challenges her readers to think ‘out of the box’.”

‘The Night the Stars Danced’ is a highly engaging novel that takes you to a world where people think differently.  The story inspires and enriches.

‘The Night that the Stars Danced’ is rated 9+ by readers.

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‘The Night the Stars Danced” is spreading through the internet and word of mouth.

April 2022 the 5th edition of the Dutch-language paperback edition was published, September 2022 the 6th edition was published and August 2023 the 7th edition was published!

So many wonderful comments/reviews!

25/4/23: Reader survey: 76% found the book hard to put down!

An extensive article was recently published about the author Shantah.



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Together We Make Change! 

For me, The Night the Stars Danced is a book you gift to your friends as a precious gift. You want to share the book with those around you. A book you must have read! Chantal, you can't give someone a nicer gift, thank you for letting me take a peek into your mind...."

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The Night the Stars Danced is a FairBook.

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Media conglomerates earn nothing from a FairBook because the author deliberately does not use the ISBN system.

The ISBN is a book identification code. It was introduced worldwide in 1965. It was promoted as an improvement. We are now living almost 60 years after the introduction of the ISBN. We can evaluate what has happened since then.

Successful book title

As early as 150 years ago, publishers discovered that they could make a lot of money with successful book titles. The bigger the reach, the more books. Generation after generation, the reach of successful publishers grew. They wanted to shield their market and revenue model. The introduction of the ISBN created a global foreclosed publishing monopoly.

In the summer of 2008, I had exploratory talks with several interested prominent literary publishers. I had no idea how the book industry works; I did have business experience. If my book sold in shops for 20 euros, I thought 5 euros per copy sold was a reasonable reward for me, as an author. That turned out to be unmentionable. Besides, I did not want to cede the rights and not appear in glossy magazines and on TV.

Following my feelings, I decided not to use the current system but to ‘just sell the book myself’ via a website, without an ISBN. Not knowing what gigantic misery I thereby brought upon myself.

You can read all about it in the preface of the 7th edition!

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A lot has changed in the book trade since 1965. What I find most remarkable is the decline in the number of independent bookshops.

In 1965, all bookstores were independent. Now only 10% are sold by that group of bookshops!

Those are the shops I would like to reach! All of them! Those are still the only bookstores that are allowed to sell a FairBook! The rest of the bookstores are just branch managers and have to follow the rules of the system.

This is not fake news. It is our reality.

The system controls almost the entire global book market.

Coincidentally, because I followed my gut, the unique situation has arisen that a book without an ISBN can become a global success!

When that happens, authors worldwide will dare to free themselves.

Because during exploratory talks with all interested prominent publishers, it became clear that currently established authors are merely writing slaves to the system. The system that has controlled the world’s population since 1965 and quietly almost reached its goal!

The system determines which books appear in the media, i.e. which books we read

The Night the Stars Danced is rebellious, a rebellious. A book that is not (yet) highlighted in the mainstream media.

With your purchase, you thus support a brighter, fairer future. Not only for authors, readers and the better bookshops!

With your purchase, you support much more – you can read all about it in the epilogue to the 6th edition!

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A lot has happened in the past 15 years, I could write a book about it. During the summer of 2008, I was in talks with several top-10 publishers interested in publishing my book. I found the terms unacceptable and decided to sell The Night the Stars Danced myself, directly, through this website: Much nicer and fairer!

Naive as I am, I thought it would be quite easy, after all, we live in the digital age. Little did I realise then that I am following my feelings as a pioneer: A sheep trying to cross the literary dam, because my novel deliberately has no ISBN.

Before I started writing, I knew very little about the Cathars, and while writing I got a very strong feeling not to look up anything about them, but to follow my gut.

After finishing, some 3.5 years later, I was naturally very curious about the reactions of “Cathar specialists”. Bram Moerland and a few more specialists turned out to be very interested, and I sent them a free copy. Then, several months later, I emailed them several times, even answered the phone. But never did I receive a response. Nothing.

Indirectly, I did understand (because of what Bram Moerland said in the media), that he was opposed to the ideology. The picture I give of the Cathars turns out to be very different from the “official” picture in some respects. But the official picture is based on what the Inquisition wrote down, some 1,000 years ago.

According to this prediction, the insights of the Cathars will be revived 700 years after their extinction. The article appeared in 2012, as it was exactly 700 years since the Cathars had been exterminated.

The Night the Stars Danced appeared in 2008. Until today (Apr 2017), I have written virtually nothing about the prophecy. I have mostly left it to the readers.

This review says it all:

“I read the book in one go. A wonderful story and very compellingly written, as if you were experiencing it yourself. The values and norms of the Cathars confirm what I had felt in my Being for some time and has now been confirmed, I was one too, because I still think that way. Buy that book! It is a revelation!”


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